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Visual delight /#SUMMER SPECIAL# / Photo assignment

Posted in Uncategorized by Nanna Munnecke Barlby on July 16, 2010


We are searching for shots from ‘BIRDS EYE VIEW’ (
Looking at people from and elevated point.

People: Take pictures of people, individuals, small groups, large groups etc. People interacting, relaxing, eating, driving etc.
Other: if you have opportunities to take photos of other than people e.g parked cars outside a mall – do not hold back aim and shoot.

CHALLENGE: for the ambitious photographers
– Zoom in and take photos gradually (Taking photos as you get closer and closer to the target)
– Sequence of photos – some cameras have a sports icon where you are able to shoot sequences
Think Eames classic ‘Powers of ten’

Need I say digital photography…but hey if you shoot analogue I’ll take those as well :)
or Photos from Iphones – on a bright day they can make spectacular shoots! and with some edits they can work as well

Search for the perspective – the birds eye view
Don’t think too much ;-)
Take loads of pictures – don’t wait for the perfect one
Have fun
+ A rule of thumb is to not take photos you yourself would not like and to sort the ones away that are too much like portraits.

Send your images to my mail nannabarlby [at] Gmail [dot] com

EXAMPLES: Here are a few…


All photographers will be asked around usage
and will be credited

easy peasy…


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